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 Pam Hill, M.S., L.P.C.

    Licensed Professional Counselor / Psychotherapist

  Life is full of challenges and never ending stressors, but today can be the start of positive change. Non-judgmental,objective, compassionate professional with over 16 years of experience. Ready to listen with an very empathetic ear and help you help yourself make that first step in the direction of much needed positive choice making.
Languages: English

M.S. in Counseling, licensed professional counselor, nationally board certified counselor, Certified guidance counselor,


Will provide individualized and confidential therapy/counseling to individuals in need of support with all aspects of life; relationships, parenting, anxiety, depression, job stress, etc. Can provide individual support as well as marriage/relationship counseling related to the issues often arising from the associated stress from these growing stress inducing times.


Licensed and board certified Private practitioner working with individuals, couples, parents, support groups and a variety of workshops and educational seminars. Outpatient therapist with individuals, couples and groups dealing with a variety of issues; mood and personality disorders, marriage/interpersonal relationship issues, substance abuse. Intensive case manager working with children, adolescents and families dealing with behavioral disorders (i.e. ADHD, conduct, ASD, OCD, mood disturbances, impulse control, psychosis ). Ran parenting groups/trainings for teen parents, foster parents as well as marriage counseling related to dealing with children with behavioral disorders. A Behavioral specialist and mobile therapist within homes, schools and community settings. Certified Guidance counselor developed various classroom guidance lessons as well as ran groups for children of divorce and special needs.

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